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abilio is a small tech start­up in Australia, created when its founder became increasingly frustrated with technology that never seemed to be able to meet her accessibility needs, so she decided to solve the problems she faced by creating abilio.

abilio understands how important choice and independence is for persons with disability (PWDs). Instead of assuming all disability is the same, the team at abilio acknowledge that disability is diverse and aim to give PWDs more choice in life, including travel.

  • Settings are easily adapted for times when users have assistance on their trip or are travelling alone and abilio seamlessly recalculates the route if public transport is cancelled.
  • Frequent trips can be added to favourites and complex trips can be planned on the website and then sent to your phone for ease of use.
  • The route data is constantly updated by live feeds and user feedback to constantly improve the service for everyone.
  • There are some travel applications that may be able to find you the fastest or most direct route to a location but abilio will find you the easiest based on your particular needs.

At abilio I was able to volunteer my assistance to their app and worked with the founders on accessible design to redesign their logo, create design patterns for the mobile and web interface redesign and influence their UX based on research on device accessibility.

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